Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All Moved In

Everything is put away. The grocery shopping is done. I think that it will take a few days to start to feel like home but already it s better than hotel rooms. The apartment is very nice. It has enough room for the two of us. The furniture and decor is great. We have a king sized bed, DVD player, washer and dryer in suite and a dish washer. We rented a modem from the apartment complex so I did not even have to miss one day of Internet. The roof garden is delightful. There are flowers blooming up there and the view is spectacular. I am going to go up there before bed and look out to see all the city lights. Very pretty. Cross Cancer Alliance is just a few blocks away.

We are in a high traffic area and there is construction going on right next door but I am amazed how quiet it is in our place. The construction shuts down pretty eaarly. I bet the traffic goes on all the time. We have a balcony with patio door in the living room and the bedroom. The view there is not so great but the roof decck makes up for that. Sorry that I can't post any pictures yet. I am having trouble getting a new cord for my camera at a price that John will pay. He thinks that he should be able to get one for a couple of dollars. I wonder where he got that idea from? Yeash!

John is on the phone with David making arrangements to pick him up from the ferry. I don't think it is too far. We are really enjoying the GPS we got before coming. So nice for getting around a strange city.


Jientje said...

So glad you're settling in and that you like the new surroundings!
I hope you get that new cord for your camera real soon!! We want to see pictures! WE WANT TO SEE PICTURES!!! PICTURES! PICTURES!!!

footsack said...

Glad to hear that you are all moved in. That must be a nice feeling..kind of. It's so great that you have in suite washer and dryer. That makes such a big difference. To me there is nothing worse than loading up all your dirty laundry and taking it somewhere and then have to pay.
Glad you at least have a nice view from the roof :)

Karen said...

Does your camera have a card that comes out that you can stick into a slot in your laptop? I used to have to use a cord on my camera but now I just move the card from one to the other.

glad to hear that you have arrived safely and are liking your new digs.

The Invisible Mo said...

I was going to ask the same question as Karen. I just put my card in my laptop. Look on the side and see if you have an opening that looks about the right size and if you do, just try it.
I'm glad you're here and getting settled in. If you decide to phone me, use the house phone this week. I forgot my daughter didn't have her cell and we talk so much that we actually used up all my minutes. (something we've never done before because usually talking to her is free.)
I'm going to come up on Monday to pick up my grandkids so if you want to get together for lunch then let me know. I can come up early enough to meet with you and then go pick them up.
I'm glad you like your place. Send me an email with the address so I can see exactly where you are. I know Seattle alright but not every part of it. I do know how to get around up there, though.
Talk to you soon.

Toad said...

Don't forget to send me a message with the mailing address so i can mail your cord to you. Where is it?

Momisodes said...

Sounds like the new place is nice and you're settling smoothly. I can just imagine the views :)

So glad you bought a GPS! It makes all the difference when you're in a new city. Heck, it helps me all the time now in my hometown.

diana said...

glad you're getting settled in. hope you will feel comfortable in the apartment during your stay there - that it will feel like home.

Aspergertopia said...

I'm glad to hear you are settling in!

Thank goodness for the invention of the GPS eh.

Take care!

Fluffy said...

My son has a GPS. My daughter needs one. They both tend to get lost. We've been to PA several times and I still have to tell them which way to turn. They must get their sense of direction from their fathers.