Monday, July 28, 2008

A Dog On A Holiday

I don't know why this is so surprising to humans but the truth of the matter is that dogs need holidays too. I was so excited about the whole holiday plan as I had not got to go on a holiday for at least three years. I stayed right by my humans' side as she packed. I don't understand why this bugs her so much. She seemed to keep tripping over me. Maybe she needs some new eyeglasses. I am a large breed dog and I don't know why she seemed to not be able to see me. Anyway...There was no way that I was going to be left behind this time. I didn't really relax until I saw my stuff get packed. Well, I didn't really relax until I was seated between my two favorite humans in the truck and we were on the road and I could smell everything that was coming our way through the vent. I kept my nose to that you can be sure. I didn't want to miss a thing. I got a whiff of every watering hole between here and Good Spirit Lake. Makes a dog just quiver with excitement which I did a lot! I didn't get to test any of them out to my sorrow until we were all unpacked and settled. Here is our camp site.

Here I am relaxing in the new Roots Screen Kitchen my human just got as her retirement gift. I got into a little bit of trouble regarding the front screen. As a matter of fact, I got into some trouble regarding some other screens as well. To my great joy I was not the only fury faced creature camping. The other ones were a lot smaller than me and seemed to be very nervous critters scurrying here and there and seemed kind of crazy. They kept running in front of the screen house door and I thought that maybe they just wanted to play chase. I kind of forgot that there was a door. It was a very good thing that my human had the foresight to bring along some extra screen for repairs. I did leave a fairly large hole.

Every day the humans wanted to go for a swim too. They have segregated beaches at this lake and apparently they do not allow dogs on the human beach! Can you imagine that! First I would get to go and have my swim. The humans thought that would wear me out and that I would be happy and have a nice nap in the camper afterward. They left the door open with just two screen doors between me and nature. I could hear the children laughing and just wanted to go and find my humans and join in the fun. I do not like staying by myself. It is true that I am a coward.

HEY? Can anybody hear me?



After having to stay in the camper while the humans got to go and have all the fun without me, the humans did manage find a beach that was not segregated. I got to ride over to that beach in the canoe. I had to sit very still. I was not allowed to jump out to go and swim with the ducks. Saying please did not help. I did get to play chase with the squirrels later. They sure are fast little critters. I don't know how they do that!

Somehow during the end of the holiday I did hurt one of the pads on my right back paw. It got infected. I had to go to the Vet. I am not afraid of the vet. My human is afraid of the Vet. It has to do with one of the things that my humans seem to care about. They call it money. It cost 300 of those money things to get my paw all fixed up. The Vet over reacted and decided to do something called X-rays. In order to do that she had to sedate me. Whew! What a trip. I had some problems getting my hind quarters to work for awhile after that. They seemed to want to go in a different direction than my front half! I am feeling much better now and can put weight on my paw again. The fever is gone. I can hardly wait until we go again. What do you think my chances are?


Sue said...

Chris this is truly one of the more interesting posts you've done. You should have this published in some animal magazine or something. Those pictures are hilarious too. Great Post!!!

Sandy C. said...

Oh this post was so much fun! Those pics are so sweet :) I'm glad your doggy's paw is better. I just know your pup was happy to be there with you all. It's way better than being stuck at home!

footsack said...

Great post!! Good thing you're planning on retiring the camper and not have to worry about fixing the screen.
Sounds like you still had a lot of fun despite the truck and dog trouble':)

Christine said...

We fixed the screen. We still needed it.

Becky said...

Dumb dog.

Wowzers on the vet bill.

Margaret said...

This is truly one of the most entertaining posts I have read in a long time. It must be exhausting going camping with a dog, especially a dog so attached to his humans.

jientje said...

I loved this one, and the previous ones ( shame on me)!!!
And I agree, if humans need hollidays, why wouldn't dogs need them? Too funny Christine, i'm glad you enjoyed your holliday!!!

Eve said...

Well, I'm glad your poor puppy got his holiday. How very clever of you to bring extra screen for repairs. Such foresight! I knew vets were expensive, but - WOW! I don't think it cost that much when I fell down and broke my hand.

Bientje said...

I think my dear friend, that chances are high that those humans will take you on holiday again!
You're their best friend, right?
And extremely loyal, right?
Maybe a bit clumsy at times, but hey!

The Invisible Mo said...'re so funny! Great job of writing that one! Poor dog. I'm sorry you had to shell out so much money to fix his poor little paw. At least you didn't have to get towed out of Yellowstone. It was just about three times that.

Fluffy said...

My Shepard/Husky did that to our back screen door. Some strange cat was in the yard terrorizing HIS cat. He went through the screen like it wasn't even there. He came back about 15 minutes later with a self satisfied look on his face. We never saw that cat again. I don't know why and I don't want to know.

jientje said...

I have an award on my blog for you!! Please come by to pick it up?