Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Hard Days Work

Spending a whole day at the auction is hard work. Both John and myself are played out. Here is John and his mom sitting on one of the benches that is to be auctioned off. People can sit on the items until they are ready to be sold. There is a group of people off to the right sitting around the patio table that is there. I did not think that they would appreciate their picture being taken and I did not think that I could secretly pull it off. As you can see we are starting to get an accumulation of things at our feet. Mom got a quilting loom and some gardening tools. She has three yards that she plans to have garden in. I have a roll of bamboo blinds for the screen room on the deck. They came complete with bird poo. A quick rinse with the garden hose will take care of that. John got some kind of a jack, a low trolley for working on the under part of the car and an assortment of tools that were put with a bunch of junk. They always put junk in with things so they can get rid of stuff. He also bought two large speakers for 2 bucks cause nobody was bidding just to move the auctioneer on a little faster. I think that I had some kind of snow shoveling monstrosity thrown in with the blinds. Seeing how the auction took place at the hockey arena in Warman, John left the snow scoop hidden behind the boards as a donation. Who knows, maybe the Zamboni will break down some day and the shovel will come in handy. "What? Oh, you are very welcome Warman."

Most of the items cost very little. John did bid on a very nice ....... well I can't say because he is going to post that himself so you may want to go and check his blog to see for yourself. I don't know when he will post but it will probably be soon cause he told Ben that he would. Now as I promised in the last post, I did not purchase another old organ. They did have a lovely antique pump organ that sold for next to nothing. John kept giving me funny looks and actually looked like he was trying not to laugh. I asked him about that and he said " see, nobody wants these old monstrosities except you and that other weirdo that bid against you!" Anyway, I really wasn't tempted because something else had become the object of my affection. Due to the lack of closet space and the fact that I turned the linen closet into a pantry and the cupboard I got for the homeless linen was too small I bid on this item and won! Well...I made John bid because I tend to get too excited and could be even over bidding my own bid. I actually did get too excited once and bid against John He said "STOP THAT! Put your hands behind your not nod your head. I am doing this! You just bid against me." Of course this was all in a whisper. The auction guy just about burst out laughing! Any way, I know that I promised Mike and myself that I would not buy anything that I could not comfortably carry out myself. Well, you should have seen me put that cupboard on the truck and then from the truck to the house.


Eve said...

Sounds like everyone had a good time. I like your new cupboard,

Becky said...

It's so bootiful. I wants it.

Sandy C. said...

LOL! You crack me up :) I can just imagine you bidding against him in excitement ;)

I love the new cupboard! It's beautiful.

jientje said...

I can picture you two in that auction room, oh yes!
But the truth of the matter is, I think I would do the same!!! LOL!!!

Sue said...

I am always scared to move at all at auctions for fear of buying something big and expensive. I have never bid at an auction except for the church ones. Which really don't count because when your husband is the auctioneer he will sometimes ignore your bid or make you bod one something only he wants.

I love the cupboard. WOw good buy!