Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Zoot Suit Riot

I always thought that this was just a song but I learned today that there actually were Zoot suit riots. Zoot suit riots took place during World War 11 between navy sailors and the Hispanic youth who favored the suits. The suits could be said to be the original gansta dress. Zoot suits had lots of material and were baggy in the legs and tapered at the ankles. They were originally called drape suits. Zoot suiters liked to hang chains on their pants and had a love for various bling bling.

So we have this:

Evolve into this:

Does that look familiar? Now I am wondering did that evolve into this?

Oh the horror!

I can see that the guy in the yellow suit does have his pants riding almost to his armpits but I do think that the concept for low riders started with Zoot suits. Baggy pants are simply Zoot suit pants without the belt! Now the next question I have is: will the Baggy trouser riots be next? Somehow I wonder if these guys would be able to fight because it would certainly be hard if you had to hang on to your pants with one hand. I would also think that running would have to be next to impossible.

You can blame The Invisible Mo (aka Sheila) for these ramblings. She finished the April posts for NaBloPoMo and today was the letter Z. You got it! She mentioned Zoot suits. I had to go and see what a Zoot suit was. There you have it. Seriously...I need to go and do something constructive fill out the forms for my permanent resident card. I have to say, this was a fun procrastination.
I Am Back

Well I am back from trying to fill out the permanent residence card form. I have to say citizenship is easier to apply for. I am totally frustrated. All the stupid card is for is to get me back into Canada. It is not an application for permanent residence! It is just a freaking card for pity sake. Anyway, to obtain the card I need one of the following: 1. Copy of valid passport or travel document. 2. Copy of passport or travel document held at time I became a permanent resident. 3. copy of certificate of identity or travel document issued by Minister of Foreign affairs of Canada.

I don't have any of the above. So first I have to go and get my American passport before I apply for my permanent residence card. In order to get my American passport I have to have a social security number not to be confused with the Canadian version of a social insurance number. So now I have to phone Minot North Dakota to get that before I have to travel to Calgary to apply for the American passport. I have no idea how long that will take. I was informed by the guy at 1-800 O-Canada that I did not need a permanent resident card if I travel by land or sea contrary to everything that I have heard before. Do I trust that and just give the whole thing up and hope that I don't get stuck in the States? Should I persevere and spend who knows on the SSN + fees for the American passport + 50.00 dollars for permanent residence card.? I am biting my nails. I feel sick to my stomach.


The Invisible Mo said...

Nice post! I'm thinking of doing a permanent word thing on the Fire and Ice Blog and doing all my other blogs over at the World of Words. hmmmm...Or maybe it would be more appropriate the other way around. It would be easy to incorporate Thursday Thirteen and Wordless Wednesday into the word theme. Hmmmmm...

Christine said...

invisible mo: Oh...the possibilities!

Sandy C. said...

Oh the horror indeed! I never understood why or how things evolved to this.

Sorry to hear about the permanent residence issues. I'm getting a headache just reading about all of it! I hope things work out...

Fluffy said...

Now, wait a minute. Let me write this down.

Nope. It doesn't add up. I'm still confused.

The Invisible Mo said... must have added to that post after I left it?
Wow....such a long line of red tape just to try and make one trip. If you need help, just make yourself my favorite stress relieving tool.
Draw a circle on a piece of blank paper. Write inside the circle, "Bang head here". Tape paper to wall and follow instructions.
Good luck with all that if you ever figure out which way you are going to go on it.

jientje said...

Ewww!!! Administration , forms, papers! I hate all of that too!
I loved the song though!

B said...

It sounds like this has been a really frustrating experience for you. If you want some really helpful information on obtaining a Permanent Resident card, see Toronto Notary Public Discusses Permanent Resident Card Applications