Saturday, April 05, 2008

Little Things

Sometimes small things make me happy. Today it is Chicken Gumbo soup. I have not been able to find this soup for years! While I like the soup, the main reason that I am so happy is the fact it is the main ingredient in my mothers Sloppy Joe recipe. Another thing that just made me happy is the fact that I just managed to spell the word recipe correct without my spell check underlining the word.

I bought 5 cans! One is already missing. I had to have some. Today I am going to make the Chicken Gumbo Sloppy Joe's. Oh...Yeah!

All that is needed is half a Kg. of lean ground beef. Brown that using extra virgin olive oil. Add the can of soup. Give the whole works a squirt of ketchup and a squirt of mustard. Ha! It's just that easy. I am going to add a disclaimer to this recipe. I am a person who has very simple food tastes. A good dinner for me is plain fried ground beef with ketchup and some toast! Also: when I showed this marvelous find to my husband, he shook his head and gave me a funny look. That is not a good sign.

This is all I have time for today. Later this week I plan to post the Mennonite style chicken noodle soup recipe and a picture of the finished sweater. I am waiting for the model to feel better and maybe shave his face. His hair is coming back in. He is still feeling sick. I am hoping the new antibiotics will kick in and that he will start to perk up. He is so sick and tired of being sick and tired. The sweater is too big on him. He did lose some weight. I am disappointed in it. I feel like taking the whole thing apart but it really is not worth it. I think that my better option is to go and get new yarn and redo the whole thing and make the adjustments then donate the other sweater to charity.


Bientje said...

Oh dear, I would not have the courage to redo the whole sweater! I would donate it to charity anyway or feed the poor husband lots and lots of sloppy Joe! Hehehe.
You are leaving us here with our mouth watering and no such soup available in Belgium!
Have a nice weekend!

Sue said...

That is great soup. I have also been looking for that soup for years. Where did you find it?
Too bad about the sweater. And really too bad about John still being sick. THis is a terrible bug that's going around. Maybe the nice weather next week will help.

Christine said...

Sue, I found the soup at Safeway. I could hardly believe my eyes.

jientje said...

Christine, you know what? My husband gave me that same funny look when I read the recipe? Those squirts are very very appealing! ROFL!!! Sorry, hehehehe!
I see my sister is reading your blog as well huh? Now you already have two fans in Belgium! You are going to be "big in Belgium" you know? It's the peppernuts, yeah, the peppernuts have made it happen!
I hope John gets well soon, and I mean really well ... Being sick and tired of being s&t is just not healthy!
As for that sweater, knit a new one, and donate the other one, it was a sweater with a history, it didn't even want to become a sweater in the first place! Remember how it all went wrong?
Purge it girl ... purge it!

Sandy C. said...

That sounds so yummy! So sorry about the sweater :( Redo the whole thing? You are so good.

footsack said...

I am glad you found the soup. Me and Margaret used to buy Almyrs Tomato Noodle soup. It was amazing. Then they stopped making it and I've never seen it since. I loved that soup. It has been about 25 years since I have had it. I would love it if they came out with it again. I used to check all the time. I haven't for a long time though.
Some of us out here have caught the nasty bug as well. I sure hope John feels better soon.
Just maybe a nice warm sweater and a bowl of sloppy joes will make him perk up :)

Eve said...

Maybe as he begins to feel better he'll put back some of the weight he lost and then the sweater will fit again. I would not take the whole thing out, either. It's so much easier to start over. lol

I've never been a great fan of sloppy joes since I started doing my own cooking. My mom used to make them and I liked it a lot. She used vegetable soup whipped up in the blender as a base - we got veg and didn't even know it. Aren't mothers sneaky? I'll have to look for the gumbo and give your recipe a try.

Margaret said...

I, like Mitz, wish I could find that Aylmers Tomato Noodle soup. Man that was good.
As for knitting...I started to knit a sweater once ... for Tyler. He was one and I almost finished a sleeve. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure you taught me how to knit. It sure didn't appeal to me.

Becky said...

Hi. My name is Charity.

The Invisible Mo said...

I really can't fathom chicken gumbo as a base for sloppy joes. My recipe is even simpler, but uses more ketchup. Brown your ground beef with onion. Add enough ketchup to make it saucy. Sometimes I add a little BBQ sauce. It's the only way my kids would eat it. They never liked the canned sloppy joe mixes. Too much seasoning or too spicy. I will give yours a try. It can't have any more sodium than the straight up ketchup type. haha.

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