Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Dentist Marries A Fireman

Peter and Lisa

Just a quick post because that is all I have time for. It has been a busy weekend. Yesterday my niece got married so we had a nice time at the wedding. We even did a little dancing then came home before we turned into pumpkins. We turn into pumpkins before midnight these days.

Now I have to run. We are celebrating Sammy's second birthday this afternoon. I need to go and help get things ready. is positively summer like outside today. By for now.


jientje said...

You two look great!
And your niece looks very happy!
Enjoy your Sunday!

Sandy C. said...

Wow! A wedding and birthday? Indeed a busy weekend! Thanks so much for sharing those pics. You both look great. So glad to hear you had a chance to twirl a bit on the dance floor :)

Eve said...

Love the bridal limo. How fun, a lovely wedding and a birthday party to top it off. Hope you didn't eat too much cake. I'm envious of the dancing.

The Invisible Mo said...

Sounds busy, but fun! That's a great picture of you and John. I hope the birthday party went well!