Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Return Of The Pitiful And Wretched Child

"Wake up! Wake up little fishy. Come on open your eyes." The father said as he gently shook his daughter awake. Little fishy was his term of endearment for her. He loved how she enjoyed swimming at a very early age. Truly, she took to water just like a fish. He brushed her bangs out of her eyes. He pulled her into a sitting position. "We are going to do something special this morning." he whispered into her ear.

The girl worked hard to wake up and focus on the room around her. First she managed to pry one eye open, then the other followed as it obeyed its twin. Confused the daughter mumbled "It is still dark out daddy."

"Yes" her father replied. "Come on, feet on the floor. Your mom is waiting for you in the kitchen with a bowl of cereal."

The girl stumbled into the kitchen and slid into a chair. "What are we doing? she asked no one in particular. She noticed that both her brothers were up and having breakfast as well. Her youngest brother who was just about three years old was getting more of his cereal on his pajamas than in his mouth. Her older brother looked just as confused as she felt. His hair was sticking out at weird angles. "Why are we having breakfast in the middle of the night?" He asked.

"Just eat up." her mother replied. "Its a surprise. After you are done your breakfast I want you to go and wash up real good and I will come and help you with your hair. I have new cloths for all of you. We are all going to dress up real nice."

If the girl was not confused before, she was totally confused now. She wondered if her parents had took leave of their senses. Who got up in the middle of the night, ate breakfast and then put on new and fancy cloths? She did as she was told, clean underwear and all. Her mother came into her room. She was carrying the most beautiful dress the girl had ever seen. It was all white. It had layers of crinoline. It had a navy blue over jacket with three quarter length sleeves. Her mother laid out matching white socks. They had lace trim. She laid out a pair of white gloves that were trimmed with lace as well. She handed her daughter a new pair of shiny black dress shoes. The little girl took a deep breath. She was beside herself with joy! She looked and felt like a princess.

"Turn around" her mother ordered. Her mother checked her over. A Small frown appeared on her face. She took a Kleenex out of her pocket. She held it out to her daughter. "Spit!" she commanded. The daughter spit into the Kleenex. The mother wiped a small smudge that she imagined she saw on her daughters face. At least that is what the daughter thought. Her mother was always imagining smudges on her children's faces. You only hoped that your mouth was not dry. If you could not produce a goodly amount of spit her mom was quite happy to provide the service herself!

"What time is it?" her older brother asked. "It is still dark out." The girls brothers were dressed very fine. Their hair was slicked back with VO5. She was glad that she was a girl though. She was sure that her cloths were much, much finer than what they had to wear and she did not have to have her hair greased to her head!

"Never mind" her father replied as the family got into the car.

"Are we going to chase the moon?" the youngest brother asked.

He mom and dad chuckled. "No we are not going to chase the moon this time. Maybe we can go chase the moon tomorrow night." The whole family loved to chase the moon. Sometimes they would go out and have long drives trying to catch the moon. This always ended up in defeat but happily resulted in a trip to the Dairy Queen with chocolate covered cones for all.

The youngest brother was at this point near tears. He wanted to chase the moon. "Shhh!" consoled the mother. "This is going to be better than chasing the moon." The car purred through the quiet and darkened streets. There were very few cars on the roads. The street lights were still flashing amber. They drove on into the mystery of the night.

Stay tuned for further installations to this story of the Return of the Pitiful And Wretched Child


Eve said...

No fair posting installment stories. What if I miss the next one? I'll never know what happened!

Thanks for worrying about me yesterday. I'm doing much better today - slept without muscle cramps or reflux. Wow!

jientje said...

I told you I wanted more!
I still want more!

Fluffy said...

Jeez! That's like when my mother would open my door just enough to turn off the light. She would tell me to go to bed and close the door and I would throw the book against the door. I was such a sweet child.

Mike Golch said...

Came to visit from Mommiesodes.simply because your name is the Same as my Great MIL.

Christine said...

Fluffy: Hahaha! That kills me.

Aspergertopia said...

This is soooo good!!!! I want more!

The Invisible Mo said...

You are such a good writer. I can't wait for the next installment. Thanks for your good wishes for my five days off. I went out to my daughter's today and enjoyed the baby. I also got some pics of the older kids with their horses. It was fun and relaxing.

Sandy C. said...

Good grief! So glad I caught this on the day you posted the continued portion! You are quite the storyteller :) I'm glued!