Monday, March 31, 2008

It Is A Miricle!

I think that we are starting to see the light at the end of the flu tunnel. Both John and myself are starting to feel much better. My back is improving too! I went from hardly being able to move this morning to hardly even noticing that there is something wrong with my back this evening. This is great because when I tried to roll myself out of bed in the morning, I fell on the floor. I did ice my back a few times today. I think that worked. I should have listened to Becky sooner.

On the lighter side of things. I have been following a program on TLC called "I Can Make You Thin" I find this program amusing and have been posting my take on the program over at Iowa Avenue. I am going to re-post here today and hope it entertains you a little bit. Without further adieu:

I Wouldn't Do Some Of This To My Dog

Who would have thunk it? After watching Paul McKenna's latest program on how to control food cravings I realized he is simply using time proven methods used to train dogs! Yes it is true! He uses positive and negative behavior modification methods. It is basically Pavlov's dog:

To train a positive response in the dog I use a clicker. It goes like this. To prime the clicker simply click then give the dog a treat. Repeat many times. Now the clicker is primed, every time I click the dog expects something nice to come his way. In this way anytime you want the dog to repeat a behavior or you want to reinforce a behavior you you click the clicker. The dog is expecting something nice and will be more inclined to repeat the wanted behavior. It works. I have taught my dog many fine tricks using this method. I do have to overlook the slobber because this method does encourage drooling in the dog.

To train a positive response in a human have the subject think about something lovely like a nice holiday or beautiful scenery. Have the subject squeeze their thumb and middle finger on thier right hand. Repeat many times. Basically you are priming the fingers to act like a clicker and give you a happy feeling every time you squeeze them together.

To train the dog in a negative response: Here is where I suggest that you do not do this to your dog. I am just demonstrating how it would work. Give the dog a small shock on the nose. Ring a bell. Repeat a few times. It will not take long for the dog to associate the bell with the shock resulting that anytime your dog hears the bell he will probably run away or cower.

To train a negative response in a human: Have the subject think of a food that they detest. Have them add other disgusting things to this food. Things like hair, slime from spittoons or worms work well. Imagine mixing all of this together with the food you love and eating it while squeezing together your thumb and middle finger of your left hand. Repeat until you are able to disgust yourself simply by squeezing your fingers. . In theory you should now have developed a negative response every time that you squeeze your fingers together on your left hand. You should run or cower from any food you wish to simply by squeezing your fingers. LOL


jientje said...

Eeeewwwww worms and hair and stuff in my food at seven o'clock in the morning? I would not do this to my cat either! Lol!
Glad you're feeling better!

Sandy C. said...

UGH! Worms? Hair? Gross! Ok, no need for finger squeezing for that. Just the mental image is enough to induce nausea. But I must admit, I'm curious to try on my dog. He's terribly disobedient.

So glad to hear you and John are starting to feel better. Take it easy rolling out of bed!