Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Return Of The Pitiful And Wretched Child

(continuation...part two)

The family drove on. The children noticed that they were heading toward the mountains. Finally the car entered and parked in a very familiar parking lot. The girl knew this place well, however she had not come here in the middle of the night before. The parking lot was full and more cars were coming into the lot and parking. She was at the Garden of the Gods! The huge rock formations looked like dark giants in the night. The family got out of the car and followed the other people. They walked until they came to a stop at the base of one of the giant rock formations. The girl found herself standing in a large crowd of people.

"What is happening?" She asked her mom.

"In about twenty minutes the sun will come up over the rocks. That is why we are here. We are going to watch the sun rise. "

Twenty minutes seems like a long time to a young girl. It seems even longer for a toddler. It probably seemed even longer for the girls parents. Soon the restless crowd became still. It became very quiet. People only whispered.

"Look" the girl's father whispered.

The girl looked. As the sun came up, the edges of the towering formations looked like they were outlined in gold. As the sun rose higher yet, the shadowy giants came to life. They looked as if they were on fire. They glowed a bright orange. The awe that the crowd felt seemed almost tangible. The girl felt her heart turn over in her chest. A couple of tears ran down her cheeks. As the crowd let out one huge collective breath, they began to cheer and dance and clap! "He is risen!" they cried. "He is risen!"

The girl was amazed. The crowd was amazed. After that another amazing thing happened. Everyone got to see an Easter morning play. The characters in the play looked as thought they had stepped out of a bible story. A lot of what the girl saw did not make sense to the girl but she did understand a little bit. All the events of the morning became a treasure in her heart.

After the family returned to the car and after the boys were settled They were totally awake now, fidgety and had started acting up. This involved poking their sister and making faces at her! the father said "we are going to go and do something more this morning! It is fun. You will like it. I am not going to tell you! You will see when we get there!" The mother and the father laughed. They loved to torment their children using excitement as the method of torture. The father pulled out of the parking lot. The boys started poking their sister again.

* This story is not finished. The author will continue to add installments. You will know when it is finished. I will write The End when I have finished. Hahaha!


Sandy C. said...

What an amazing experience! Your story paints the picture so well, I can almost imagine it myself. Can't wait to read the rest!

Eve said...

What a truly wonderful experience for a child. You were a very lucky little girl - not all parents are as willing to share spiritual experiences with their children. I was thus blessed, too.

Sue said...

I did comment on the first installment but it's not there. I guess I didn't do it right.

I wondered if you were making this up or copying it? Now I wonder if the little girl was you. It sounds like it could very well be.

You are a great story teller.

Christine said...

Sue: Awww...thanks Sue. Yes I have wrote this...I have not finished it yet.I know what I want to write...I just need to get it down so I hope the rest of the story goes alright and I don't botch it all up. Hehehe! Yes...the girl is me. The story is true. I am laughing because the little wretch has not shown her face in the story yet.

Eve:It was a wonderful experience. Rare but wonderful. I have not forgotten it all these years. I probably could count how many times that my parents took us kids to church on one hand. Bless their hearts anyway because they did not have a very much of a spiritual upbringing themselves.

Christine said...
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Margaret said...

I love this story. I wondered right from the start if it was you and your brothers in the story. That sound like an amazing memory. I can't wait to read "the rest of the story".

jientje said...

The Terradactile was the one hiding in my fridge all these weeks! LOL!!!!
Very strange, I get no comments at all tonight, and for a Photohubt, that 's not normal?
Do you think they have kicked me out of the blogosphere because I do not want to expose my fridge? Ewww, that's scary? !!!!