Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thirteen Things That I Never Want To Do

1. I do not want to bungee jump.

2. I do not want to scuba dive any deeper than the 16 feet that I did dive in the swimming pool. That was deep enough!

3. I do not want to eat bugs

4. I do not want to ski down a frozen mountain ever again and break every bone in my body. I did try this once and got hung up in a tree and my husband had to come and get me out of that but not before I was seen by many, many people.

5. I do not want to give a speech in front of a large audience

6. I do not want to sing a solo in front of anybody

7. I do not want to hang glide

8. I do not want to see a male stripper! Ever! I mean it!

9. I do not want to ever have to pull a persons teeth out of their mouth. I do not want to watch a persons teeth be removed. This creeps me out. I can watch any other surgeries you may need to have.

10. I do not want to perform surgery on myself

11. I do not want to ever shave my head

12. I do not want to ride in a hot air balloon
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This picture is not a mistake
It is a picture of a total lunar eclipse
Can you see it?
I f you double click on the photo you might be able to see a smidgen of the eclipse.
It was really, really neat.
You will have to take my word for or,
You can go to Jen's site
She got a better picture.


Melissa said...

Hey...that's only 12. I'm going to do this on my blog as I almost forgot to post today.

Christine said...

13. OOps! I don't ever want to inhale helium from a balloon and talk in a funny high pitched voice. I think this practice is dangerous and get nervous whenever anybody else does it.

Eve said...

To me it looks just like a picture of a black cat in a coal bin. (Sorry - I just couldn't resist.) ;>

Yes, today is Wednesday. I'm not sure why the Thursday 13 site starts posting so early. After being #435 a time or two I try to remember to get in there on Wednesday now. Thanks for visiting me - twice! I appreciate your comments.

Christine said...

Eve: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good one.

Sandy C. said...

LOL! I totally forgot #13 a few weeks back too :) I love your list! I think I would have to concur with nearly all of these, especially since I'm afraid of heights. All except maybe #8 ;)

jientje said...

To me this looks just like a black picture, LOL!
And I do not want to be abducted by aliens!

jientje said...

I guess you're right, that's why I wrote that post in the first place! being abducted by aliens would create awesome blogstuff, that's for sure!

Sue said...

I didn't realize how much stuff i never want to do. Alot more than 13.