Friday, February 01, 2008

Blog For Ben, Sam And Noah

Look at what I found! This is the Valentine that you and Sammy gave to Grandpa and me last year. We were Valentines last year. Grandpa and I are going to go and get some nice Valentines for you and Noah and Sammy. We will have three Valentines!

Ben, do you remember parking some of your cars in the hall?

One of your cars drove away and hid in the closet. I picked him up and parked him by the peanut butter and the pudding! He will be there when you get here. Funny car! Which car is this? I know he is not Jeff Gordon or Jimmy Johnson.

Who is this Sammy? Thats right it is Ros-es-COE! Also known as Pup Pup. He is waiting for you to come and visit him. Grandpa and I are not giving him treats because he is fat but you will give him treats when you get here won't you? I bet he would let you and Noah put some more stickers on his back! He liked that.

Noah, you need to come over and take some pictures for me. I am running out of good pictures. You amaze me because you do have a very unique technique. I usually look through the view finder but you somehow manage by lining up the view finder with your eyebrow or your forehead! Maybe I should try this and then the pictures would turn out better.


jientje said...

So cute!!!
I love this post, it speaks of love for your family and your grandchildren! I bet they LOVE to come! Hugs xxx

Eve said...

I feel as though I have been eavesdropping. What a nice conversation I heard. I love the pictures. My favorite? the stickers on Pup Pup's back.

DabookLady said...

really cute there....yes I think the fish bowl would be perfect for a birthday party are really cute..:)

Avaelyn said...

So adorable. I like that you put his car with the peanut butter.

footsack said...

Grandkids are just so precious :)

Margaret said...

Chris, you are one of the coolest Grandmas I know. No wonder those boys love coming to your house.