Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Say Ahhh...Just For Fun!








John loved this ride. You can tell from his face. I did not like this ride. You can tell from my face. I love roller coasters...just not this roller coaster

Ahhhhh....to shopping! I love to shop! I love to shop in tourist destinations. Like here in old Quebec City. Victoria...Banff...Deadwood! Ikea!..just to name a few.

Ahhhhhhh...Spa Hava! I shall make an appointment with
you soon. Very very soon!

Ahhhh...Niagara Falls. doesn't everybody look funny in their yellow rain coats? Looks like the cult of the Falls!


Christine said...

Other than the dentist...what causes you to say Ahhhhh? Hmmmm?

Eve said...

The yellow raincoats are quite a fashion statement. And the smallness of the people against the backdrop of the falls provides a good idea of just how awesome it is. Great juxtaposition!

jientje said...

You have Ikea's over there too!
I love to shop there too!

Christine said...

We don't have an Ikea in Saskatoon but they do have one in Calgary and my brother lives there so next time I go to Calgary I definitely have a date there!

Christine said...

Those falls are awesome! I am in one of those yellow rain coats. They give you nice blue ones when you go on the Maid of the Mist to go up the river as close to the falls as you can possibly get. What a rush!

Sue said...

I would love to go to the Falls. The Roller Coaster...Not so mauch. It is good to see that John enjoyed it though.

Eve said...

Thank you for stopping by my website and for following up on the Moms for Modesty. Thank you for signing the petition. I’ve noticed, too, how hard it is to get appropriate clothing for girls - the little ones and the teens. I cringe when I go shopping for my granddaughters. The clothes are cute until you see how they expose their little bodies to any pervert who walks down the street. I just copied and pasted the button. Wordpress won’t accept the code that comes with most buttons. So, I copy the picture and then post the url. It’s not elegant, but it works.

sweetisu said...

I miss IKEA...