Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spring Flowers

I received these beautiful virtual flowers from Jientje. I love flowers in any shape or form. These have pink lilies just like the ones laying dormant in my garden. They are out in the back yard, my sleeping beauties, just waiting for the kiss of spring. Oh my, I am so poetic today. I bet you all have goosey bumps now. I was tempted to buy a bundle of flowers at the grocery store today. They were there just begging me to pick them up. Their sunny faces were smiling up at me. They were clapping their leaves to get my attention. "Oh dear flowers" I said. "You don't understand. If I take you...you will die before we get to the car! I think you should stay here where it is safe."

I picked this up in the mail. It is the promise of Spring. I have made myself a nice cup of Chai tea, grabbed my fuzzy blanket and I plan to browse through this tonight and do some mental gardening. The guy on the front page says "We want you to have fun in the gardeni so come on in and let's get started." I said: "O.K."

I think that I shall order some Hostas. They are "easy to grow." I need easy to grow! I particularly like this new shade: Jaune de Joucas. I think that they should be a nice contrast with the darker greens in my garden. Everybody who is in a winter funk...please feel free to pick some flowers from here. Take a whole bouquet! You are all good blogging friends!


Sandy C. said...

i see a 10% discount on that page! I love that award from Jentje :) Those pink lilies are what hubby gave to me when he proposed :)

Can't wait until SPRING!!!

Christine said...

Sandy: Just think...you can do some gardening in your very own yard. You can get some pink lilies. They will grow in your climate. They require very little care and they are beautiful! Maybe there are some there already!

jientje said...

Hehehehe, that jaune de joucas os well on it's way to become world famous!!! Maybe we should tell Debbie Travis about it huh?
It's great that John is comming home today, I'm so happy for you! With this cold it's not easy to go out to do anything! Driving to that hospital must have been a real hazardous assigment!

Christine said...

Driving is somewhat dangerous due to the fact that the extreme cold is hard on vehicles. You don't want a breakdown on the highway or anywhere for that matter. You can't walk very far before you are in trouble so if anything goes wrong you have to stay in the car and phone for help or trust in the help of strangers. People do help each other in this extreme weather. John was mad at me cause I forgot my cell phone at home. I put it back in my purse as soon as I got home.

Eve said...

I'm with you and Sandy - I really want Spring. It's so cold in my house this morning. Some days the heat just doesn't keep up. I'm wearing a flannel shirt over my jammies to try and get warm. I sit in my chair with my blankie around me and read or knit. I hate going out in the cold!

Solomon Broad said...

The hosta looks great. Make sure to put it somewhere moist. And keep an eye out for slugs too, or they'll demolish it.