Sunday, December 30, 2007

Winding Down The Holidays

I can't think of a title for this post. Maybe I should do like someone I know and just number my posts. Maybe as I write this something will come to me. Maybe it would help if I even had any idea of what I was going to post! How about some pictures? How about not? That would mean I would have to go and get my camera and download the pictures. Can you see why I am not going to do the 365 thing? I am sure you would have a lot of this every day.

We seem to be doing alright as far as the sniffles are going. Today John and I even made it over to the toboggan hill. We stood at the bottom and watched the kids come down and let the dog loose and watched him chase the kids down. Then we got cold and went home both safe and sound.

We had a lovely dinner with Jonathan, Melissa, Noah, Becky, Glen, Ben, Sam and Mike. We dined Mennonite style. John made chicken noodle soup.Wonderful Mennonite chicken noodle soup. I made Mennonite farmer sausage, verinike, tossed salad, and buttered corn. There is chocolate cream pie. All that was missing was the pluma moose. I have no idea how to spell that and nobody else really does seeing how Low German is not a written language This is all good Mennonite comfort food. I hope that makes things up for Jonathan and Melissa. Oh...Ya...they missed out on the yur-i-van. Make sure to roll the r. These are cracklings. My Mennonite spelling is very dubious and should make all the Mennonites laugh! They also missed the homemade bread that goes with the yur-i-van that John made in the bread maker on Christmas. We will have to go and get some more and have them over for that.

Tomorrow: Becky and Glen and the kids are going to Glens moms for The Willams Christmas. They had been putting that off because Glens brothers were getting over being sick. I feel bad that they had to wait for so long and then John and I caught colds anyway. Glens mom is so supportive of us. I am so thankful for her. Not everybody would be so patient and kind. I hope they have a really great day. Tomorrow John and I are going to build a fire, cozy up and watch movies all day long.

I have no idea if anybody can make any sense of any of this. Hey, are you laughing Margaret? How about this? Go hol de backsun?... or better yet... Di hunt passed on da boom? Hahahah! Et vicht nicht if that don't make you laugh I don't know what will! Oh... but!

While I was happily posting here, John was quietly spiking a fever. He just sat there and didn't say a thing because he doesn't want to go to emergency. He took a couple of Tylenol. I am going to stay up until either his fever comes under control or we decide enough is enough and take him to the hospital. Both Mike and Becky have volunteered.


Sue said...

Chris your low German is pretty right on. It is just hilarious to see you writing it. I think you know almost as much as I remember.

I hope and PRAY that you and John are able to have your day in front of the fire and watch movies and nap a little too. God bless you both. Love ya lots.

Eve said...

I don't know low German, but I studied hoch Deutsch in high school and college. I think your pluma moose would be spelled plume muss. That's just a guess. Now I want to know what it is! Sounds very exotic and exciting. lol

Christine said...

Plume muss=fruit soup.

Margaret said...

I laughed so hard when I read your blog. You are amazing at German.

I have been praying since last night for John's fever to go down. I would love for you to enjoy a day in front of the fire.

jientje said...

And a happy new year to you too Christine, God bless you and your family too! I haven't read your post yet, i'll come back tomorrow! Gotta hurry now, my guests are coming!

Sandy C. said...

Wow..that photo looks like great fun! Cold, but fun :) Sounds like you had a lovely dinner...I hope John didn't have to go to the ER...and I hope all is feeling well soon.

Happy New Year to you all!