Saturday, December 08, 2007

Reasons I Hate Winter

  1. It is hard to take out the garbage. It involves putting on boots, parka and mittens.
  2. Wearing a toque flattens your hair so no matter where you go you cannot remove your toque without looking like a maroon. Leaving the toque on all the time can make you look like a maroon.
  3. Static electricity. Clothing sticks to your body and hair sticks to your head. the other day at Wal-Mart I only tried on two sweatshirts and my hair became so full of static I was afraid to come out of the change room. Some day I am going to go and hang out there and see if anybody else has this problem.
  4. I can't stand to look at icicles hanging off of mens mustaches and beards. This makes me want to gag.
  5. Winter sports are not fun. I will elaborate on this subject later. That post shall be titled: Why I Hate Winter Sports.
  6. I hate the smell of exhaust fumes in the garage. Sometimes I hold my breath until I get into the car.
  7. I am always looking for my mittens. I am always asking everybody else if they have seen my mittens. Where are my mittens?
  8. When it gets too cold my eye glasses hurt my nose.
  9. There is a hole in my parka pocket and my keys fall through the hole and get lost. They are just about as hard to find as if I put them in my purse.
  10. I have a coffee mug frozen on the bar-b-que outside and it will be there until spring. There will probably be more there before spring. I take a mug out with me in the morning when I let the dog out and I keep forgetting them there. If it was spring this would not matter.

Please feel free to add to this list. It will not make me feel bad. In this case misery loves company!


Margaret said...

You can't go for a walk outside in a prairie winter. Your nose starts to run and freezes to you upper lip making people want to offer you a Kleenex.

Christine said...

So true. Your eyes water and freeze to your cheeks.

Sue said...

I hate sitting down on that cold, rock hard car seat.

Christine said...

It takes a while for your bum to defrost after that. I thought of another one...there are no garage sales in winter and if there were nobody would what is there to do?...participate in winter sports?

Sandy C. said...

Oh! I we have so much winter hate in common...

I also hate:

- Black Ice- the camouflaged "butt to ground" material on the ground.

- Still having to look at the heaping piles of grayish/brown plowed snow on the sides of the road until Spring.

- Having to wear 20 layers of cloths to then have to peel them off when you get indoors.

Christine said...

I hate it when my glasses ice over when I come in from the cold. I have to look above all the frost inorder not to bump into a wall.

sweetisu said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and for the kind words!


I hate the coldness.

I hate having to wear layers and layers and layers.

I hate that I can't wash my hair and just leave the house.

I hate winter. Period.

I guess the ideal place to live is Hawaii! :D

(FYI, I don't usually check back on the comment sections.. as it is very difficult to keep track etc)

Becky said...

I hate dressing the boys in clothes that are too puffy for their carseats.

I hate standing by the van strapping them in while they cry because the ice cold wind is blowing on them. (Never mind that I'm the poor sucker still standing outside blocking most of it.)

I hate that I can't wear my ugly rubber shoes outside anymore.

I hate that I can't open my kitchen window and I have to smell the food I cooked for lunch all day and I can still smell supper at breakfast and if I do manage to force the window open it freezes that way and I have to take a blow dryer to it to shut it.

I hate it when Ben's mitts get untucked and he gets snow on his wrist.

I hate it when it is like minus fifty and the snow gets that really crunchy feel to it and when you walk on it it's all gritty underneath you... Kind of like fingernails on a chalkboard. I hate that.

I hate it when I drop my keys in freshly fallen snow. That sucks.

I hate pee marks from dogs in the snow.

I hate when it is dark by 5pm.

I hate when it is still dark at 9am.

I hate driving to Saskatoon in the winter. It's always stressful. And usually dark.

I hate having to start the van 15 minutes before I go anywhere. I don't like planning ahead that far.

But I still like winter.

jientje said...

I hate it when it gets dark so early. It makes your days so short. Other than that, I look forward to spring too, but I don't really hate it. Well obviously we don't have winters like you do, mugs freezing and all that, no! Must be a funny sight when spring comes, and if it takes too long before spring comes you have nothing left to drink your coffee from! Whahaha!! LOL!