Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Hoopla!

  1. I love to do Christmas baking. I could bake for days amassing ridiculous amounts of delectable treats beyond my families capacity to consume. Its an obsession. I have to exercise restraint or that is all my family would get for Christmas diner.
  2. I dislike cooking. I am happy that I have adult children who will help create the Christmas meal. I will try to do a little as I can possibly get away with. I would rather clean. My husband told me the other day that I was an unimaginative cook. While I hate too admit it he is probably correct.
  3. I used to have to lock the Christmas baking up in the camper due to the fact my children would to pilfer the loot out of the deep freezer. They would eat the frozen butter tarts and cookies and cook up the verinikie for lunch and make sure to hide all evidence leaving me to discover I had only a few crumbs left on Christmas morning.
  4. Even though I hated Santa as a child...I have collected quite a few of them as an adult. I have no idea of how many I have. I quit this collection a few years back and now collect angels. The Santa's live in "Christmas in the basement" where all tacky things go. Santa, you should enjoy the company of the Rooting Tooting Moose who farts as he sings and dances.
  5. My favorite gifts for Christmas tend to be large. In my mind big is better. I loved the seven foot giraffe that my kids got me a couple years ago. He lives in my African theme bedroom. I loved the giant teddy bear I got as a child. I named him Teddy. what else... silly one!
  6. In keeping with my "big is better" mindset, the Grandpa and myself purchased humongous Tonka firetrucks for each of the grandkids. I think we are going to be in so much trouble. LOL Maybe we can dismantle the sirens if we need too.
  7. I hate tobogganing. Usually during the Christmas holidays my family would talk me into this dubious activity. They would plead, wheedle and whine until I would find myself sitting out in the cold instead of in a nice warm car, staring down an ice coated- freezing hard- steep- bone breaking hill. I can still see them all and hear them all giggling and laughing. They would say: "There she goes...giggle giggle...Oh No! Look out mom!...Dad go pick mom up and help her back into the car...does she need stitches?"
  8. My favorite activity at Christmas is the Christmas Eve candle light service at our church. I love to sit there with the dimmed lights...candles flowing...outside snowing...heaven close to earth.
  9. Every year we gather with our large extended family. My husband comes from a family of 10 children. While some of them have moved to British Columbia a substantial amount have stayed here in Saskatchewan. We do miss you transplants and no matter how much you protest I know that you are all still Saskatchewanites at heart. LOL
  10. Every year over the Christmas holidays we play a few of our traditional and rousing games of Balderdash. This is a must! We don't play to win. really...the looser actually wins because this is the person who has played to make others laugh.
  11. I love little children in new pajamas. I used to get he children new pajamas for Christmas Eve. They would have something to open. A bath for all would follow. They would be all so cuddly- cute- cozy and angelic. Well...that is not entirely true! They were cuddly-cute-cozy and wound up...impossible to get to sleep bunch of wild children!.
  12. I used to love waking the children with loud noise on Christmas morning. This was payback for getting up every hour on the hour and asking me "is it morning yet?" I had a loud musical mechanical Santa that I would send on a trip down the hall. Years later when they had grown and no longer woke me up all night long, my daughters took up this tradition by waking up their brothers with their trumpets! A couple of very grumpy boys would come rolling out of bed to the delight of their sisters and their screams of Merry Christmas. So...trumpets playing...Santa's swaying...Merry Christmas to you all!
I have been tagged by Momisodes for this post. I am tagging the following people. Yes blog about your Christmas Hoopla! I hope you can all find the time to play. LOL Yes...I know that you are all busy but maybe you will have insomnia or something and be able to get at it. How to play? List twelve random Christmas things about yourself. So simple...Ha...not! I was ready to give up at about item 5. Tag a few other people and let them know. Link them to your site.
Margaret Braun Bunch
Susan Prairie Lily


Margaret said...

You know, Chris. i really do miss those big Christmas gatherings with all the food, the kids begging the parents when we could do the Christmas Box, and Balderdash. Merry Christmas, to you and all the family out in Saskatchewan.

Christine said...

I wish we could play on line Balderdash. We totally miss your input into this game. Sometimes we pretend what Margaret would have wrote down. I bet you could just imagine what we have made up and credited you with! Hahaha!

Margaret said...

I can only imagine! LOL

Trav said...

it's true... i've witnessed it first hand, auntie margaret, your answers are usually dirty and sick... but incredibly funny

jientje said...

That was a great Hoopla, Christine, I loved reading it! Especially the frozen butter tarts and cookies made me smile! I used to eat frozen strawberries, together with my niece!
The things you remember doing a meme like that, it's awesome!

KiniWoman said...

I love #11!!! We do that too! My parents did it for me and my siblings. What's better than nice, new, cozy jammies making everyone that much more photogenic on Christmas morning! :)