Saturday, November 17, 2007

Please Help Me

Why is scrap booking called scrap booking? Today I went on down to one of our local Wal Marts...well...not quite so local as it was the new one way across the city. This Wal Mart is humongous! One of the store clerks told me that it is the largest in western Canada! Wow! Isn't that something. I think that I better phone my mom and all my friends and let them know.But...I digress! I spent $60.00 on scrap book materials. Now in case you are thinking that is not so bad...keep in mind that I have probably spent about $150.00 already.I bought some stuff a couple of years ago cause I was going to make a book as a gift for my mom. I have not been able to gear myself up to doing even a page yet! My point is that: Shouldn't scrap books be made of just that? Scraps of something? I bet the Martha Stewart types could do that just the same as the scrabble people can scrabble without the cheat-o-matic. I am not a scrap book type of a gal. I am not a scrabble type of gal. I did not master the scissors and glue in kindergarten. I think I am still traumatized over the missing sock puppet! Rats...I digress again! That is another story for another day. Anyway...I need help. I have all this really was fun shopping for it...I laid it all out...I laid out some pictures...and...nothing! I have no inspiration...none...nada! I am so afraid that it is all going to look like the stuff I made in kindergarten. I can see myself giving it to my mom and her having to lie to me and say things like "Oh!, that is beautiful dear...I will put that on my fridge.". How pathetic!

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Toad said...

hey, if you need help i suppose i could come over and get you started. you know how artistic i am. i haven't been in contact with anyone sick, i'm healthy and i haven't had anyone sick around me. i can't wait to come and see you guys. awe crap now i'm gonna cry at work.