Monday, November 19, 2007

Come And Let Me Bore You

I think I will Make this a newsy kind of a post. This post will probably have the least potential to bore the people who know and put up with me on a regular basis.

Two chickens

Today I went for my C.T Scan. I am pleased to inform you that they did not kill me. I am alive...Woo Hoo! Before the scan they bring you a questionnaire to fill out and sign. They also explain that you have a one and 200,000 chance of having a life threatening reaction to the iodine media that they are going to inject into you to enhance the scan. They try to calm your fears by informing you that they have all the necessary equipment close at hand to revive you if this should happen! Then they tell you that you will feel very weird when they inject will feel a warm flush and may even feel like you wet your pants!! I kid you not! LOL Lets say I was glad for the heads up!

Five large chickens and two tiny chickens

After the scan John and were off to Rotten Ronnie's for coffee and an Egg McMuffin (I was not allowed to eat or drink prior to the scan)...then away to the Cancer Center for Monday morning blood work. NEWS FLASH...NEWS FLASH...John just informed me that someone has to cut his fingernails and that he needs to shave...LOL! exciting our lives are! Anyway...He can cut his own fingernails.From there we went to Crappy Tire...but a bunch of good junk...lights for the tree (I spent a couple of hours yesterday trying to make the old lights work)...candy cane lights for the yard...and I don't remember but my purchases brought this response from John: "YOU BOUGHT ALL THAT?" I said "YA" Are you bored yet? Hmm?

One chicken and a cow and four chicken burner covers

From Crappy Tire ...Wal Mart...form Wal Mart...Liquidation we are really living! Bought some more Pick-Up-And-Reach-Tools. I bought some wrapping paper.

One more chicken

After Liquidation World we went to the grocery store. I will spare you the grocery list. Did I hear you say "thank-you?" are very welcome!

Four more chickens

We left the house at 7:00 a.m.and got home at 2:00 everything sorted out 3:00 p.m...let the dog out...LOL...are you sleeping? WAKE UP ...I am not quite finished yet!

One chicken and a chicken hiding over on the light switch plate and two more down the hall I forgot about

Angela has come over for supper and is going to help me decorate the tree. I bet you are wondering "Why all the stupid chicken pictures?" Well I was wondering "Do you think that I need anymore chickens? Like for Christmas? Do you think that would be O.K.? Dare I ask?" I am not going to check for spelling and punctuation. I am tired, bored and falling asleep...zzzzzz


Becky said...
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Becky said...

I think you need more chickens. Nice pictures. Now Ben thinks he needs to go to Gramma and Grampa's house.

(I deleted my first comment because I spelled "nice" wrong.)

Melissa said...

i seem to recall one chicken (rooster) that you got for xmas last year that wasn't in any of those pictures. maybe you should ask for a frame for it this year. hehehe

Margaret said...

HILARIOUS! I laughed so hard reading this. You thought you would bore us all. Well, I for one, was not bored.
When will you find out the results of your scan?
Hooray! John can cut his nails...and shave. Does that mean the effects of the chemo are going away?

Sue said...

Not bored at all and can anyone ever have too many chickens.

Christine said...

Wonderful...I love the chickens! Yes...he is sprouting all over his face! He plans to shave this week. Thursday he has to go for more chemo so that may make him loose his hair all over again. I will know about the scan Dec. 4

Christine said...
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