Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Bang vs. Phssst

When I was a kid back in the days of the blue snow, we were allowed to have fire works and light them ourselves. We did not have large rockets or anything like that but did have pop bottle rockets. Occasionally, one would be a dud...phssst....then nothing. I can remember my brother telling me to go look. I would tell him "no, you go look" Back and forth we would go. We would always be afraid that it would take off and blast us in the face. Sometimes they had a delayed launch. " And where are you going with this story?" you ask. I reply "I have absolutely no idea. It is just a story that Phssst brought to my mind.

I was wondering what I should make my last post tomorrow about. Was I going to go out with a bang or just kind of fizzle out...pssst... The suspense is killing me. No brilliant flashes are going off in my brain.

Its funny how one word can take you back to your childhood. Phssst! Scott asks me to follow him. He has something he wants to show me. He has a shovel in his hand. I follow him to the back alley. He begins to excavate for something. He digs out a can. He opens the can. He pulls out a big, fat cigar! He lights the cigar and shares it with me...a magical moment of sibling bonding.

In this picture I seem very concerned about the fact that Scott has the bottle of pop and I have a glass. We both have our eyes on the bottle.

It would be so lovely if I could go back for even a day to that time. We would share a pop, set off some fire crackers and pop bottle rockets, jump off the garage and smoke a cigar.

If you could go back to your childhood for one day, what would you do?


Sue said...

Hmmmmm...that is a good question. There are so many things.

I think I would like to be visiting at Uncle John and Aunt Katie's. When we have to go home I would find a nice cozy place in the back of the old station wagon squished in between a couple of my siblings trying to get warm. As we drive home Mom and Dad sing softly in the front seat. When we get home I would pretend to be asleep so that Dad would come back to the car and carry me in and put me to bed.

Christine said...

That would be so nice. It has been a long time since we were carried to bed. It is just as much fun to carry a little one to bed. I like that...then you can kiss their cheeks too...and sniff them...and tuck them in.

carlaj22 said...

There are so many things I would do again! Walking the top rail of the log fence, eating strange food and playing with all my cousins at family picnics. Perhaps the best thing would be a drive-in movie. We always went early so my sis and I could ride the rides, including the train that went all around the parking lot. Frequently we were in our pajamas. Mom would pack a picnic and make popcorn so we didn't have to go to the concession stand. She even bottled homemade root beer to drink. Of course it was always a double feature. Sis and I generally dropped off to sleep just after intermission. And when we got home Daddy carried us to bed and mom tucked us in. Those were the days.