Friday, February 09, 2007

Two Handy Guys For Hire

Maybe Susan could use the

help of Handyman Ben. He

is very good with a drill and

has his own angle grinder.

You better book him quick.

He has lots of jobs to do.

Places to go and people

to see.

Bens assistant "Sam the man"

is ready for the job. Do not matter

if it is a phillips head or hammer

He knows his stuff.

He is expert with the saw.

It makes a really cool sound

and is important in any home



Becky said...

Am I allowed to say that is really cute or is that bad form when they are your own kids?

Margaret said...

Never. If you don't think that is cute there has got to be something wtong with your cute factor reader thingy. I love little boys with tools. Hey, I wouldn't maind a big boy with tools either.

Becky said...

LOL. Aunty Margaret. Ha ha ha ha.

footsack said...

I'd hire those little handymen in a heartbeat. They're so cute who could resist?

Carol said...

I think they are the cutest handymen I have ever seen. ( Sorry Art)

Toad said...


Sue said...

These guys look like real professionals. They are hired.

Toad said...

you know mom. i was just on becky's blog reading your comments. and you said you were bored. if you are bored...why don't you blog.....oooooooorrrrrrrr better yet call me and we could have gone to the wagon wheel.

Becky said...

This song is so weird Mom.

footsack said...

Love the new music. Where in the world did you get that song??

Christine said...

I got the music the same place that Carrie gets hers. Its Gene Autry.