Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fit as a fiddle

I'm feeling much better... The sniffles are gone... There are no more excuses to be a couch potato... So I took the dog for a walk... he is fat... We can't feel his ribs anymore... We can't feel my ribs either... That is beside the point. Do I have a point? No. I can't think of any at the moment. It is a lovely day... Only -1 degrees outside... The sun is shining... The snow is shoveled. It snowed some more here... Roscoe is happy... He loves the snow. His new game is for somebody... Anybody?... To throw a ball into a snow drift so he can go dig it out. Usually he finds the ball quite quickly but he likes to pretend that he hasn't found it so he can keep digging.


Sue said...

IT was a gorgeous day. It's getting quite foggy now so tommorrow should be just beautiful with all the frost. Glad your feeling better!

Sue said...

It's actually 11:03 pm. This computer must be on BC time.

footsack said...

I think your computer is trying to tell you something Sue. I can't beleive that you wouldn't have caught on by now.

Chris I am happy that you are feeling better. I was sick for about 3 days and it sucked. I haven't been sick for about 3 years and so this really surprised me. I almost thought I was imune.

Carol said...

Sorry to hear about getting more snow. Really, I am.

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Whatever it is that has been going around is brutal. It took me over a month to feel back to my usual self.