Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm grumpy! Do you want to know why?

City Hospital has a 300 person waiting list for parking. In order to park legal I have to park about four blocks away (not a big deal) We try not to use the visitor lot because it leaves no room for visitors if we do that. Yesterday when I was going home from work a man gave me a bunch of grief over parking in front of his house. He pointed to across the street to his neighbors house and told me I should park over there! Today as I was going home I drove by his house and he was outside hosing out his THREE car garage. Yes a THREE car garage! I'm still shaking my head. Also I'm catching Johns cold just in time for the May long weekend. Also I can't find the punctuation marks on the keyboard!!! Also I already typed this out once but lost it because I don't know how to post it. Also I did have something else funny and witty to blog about (Becky said: "Why don't you write about that Mom?") Niether of us can remember what it was so you will just have to put up with my grumpiness that is if anybody even looks here seeing how I am definately worse than Travis!


Becky said...

You're so weird Mom.

Oh yeah... And if I were you I'd never park anywhere else but in front of that guy's house, but them I can be a pretty vindictive person.

Margaret said...

OK. I agree that you are worse than Tavis, but I check every day anyway, just to see if you posted. I also agree with becky. the street in front of this guys house is public property and Now I would park there just to proove a point. I also caught a bad cold just before the long weekend. Nice to finally here from you. Feel better soon.

Carol said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I got something for the long weekend, and I just wish it would have been a cold. Gotta love being a woman.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Avaelyn said...

300 person waiting list to park?! That's ridiculous, seriously... and I would have told that guy to shove it... You're not parking on his lawn or anything, honestly.