Sunday, May 08, 2011

Day 18

30 Day Song challenge
A song You Wish You Heard On The Radio
Pumped Up Kicks
Foster The people

I love this. I just stumbled on it. Maybe it is on the radio. I don't listen to the radio because usually I don't like what is on it. Did I say I love this? I hope you enjoy it. If you have not heard it give it a listen. Umm..I may have skipped a day. I wanted to get this song in somewhere. For me, it is the song of the summer of 2011.

You probably won't hear this on the radio either but these guys are fantastic. Their whole new album is awesome. I love the lyrics on this.

and there is this. I like it too. Summer music with upbeat tempos. Driving music. Good for road trips.

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avaelyn said...

I've got to say, you have such a cool taste in music! I love all of the songs that you post on here. I've heard Animal by Neon Trees before, and I LOVE that song. But I hadn't heard either of the others, but I have also grown to love them. I also wish that all three of these songs played on the radio. If they did, I might listen to the radio more often. No, I wouldn't. I hate the commercials and all the talking too much.