Friday, April 08, 2011

Day Thirteen

30 Day song Challenge
A Song That Is a Guilty pleasure:
Unchained Melody
Tom Jones

It really is not so much the song that is the guilty pleasure as it is the performer.

That was then and this is now:

I have secretly liked this guy for a long long time. I just never admitted to it. It would have been embarrassing what with the undergarment throwing and all. Just so you know I have never seen him live so I have never thrown my underwear at him and never did have the inclination to. The problem this guy is getting really sexy and not in a lame way like he was before with the open shirt and gold chains. Take a look at this. He has reinvented himself and by golly...I really really like and he is hot. I am going to go and drag the fan out. He is smoking hot!


Becky said...

Tom Jones? Really? And you made fun of me crushing on Anthony Wiggles.

Also, could that cross BE ANY BIGGER?


The Invisible Mo said...

I didn't listen to any of these. I am not a Tom Jones fan. And I don't have any of his CD's so no whining on the trip about it! LOL