Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day Fifteen

30m Day song challenge
A song That Describes You:
My Immortal

This describes me very well, how I think, what I feel.


The Invisible Mo said...

I couldn't listen to this from your blog because I was in the wrong country, believe it or not. I can't remember exactly what it said. But I did go look it up because I couldn't quite remember the words to this one and wanted to see if I agreed. It made me a little sad, but I totally get it and it does describe you. Nice choice.


Chris and I are getting together and we are going to recerec. lol.

Sue said...

I listened to this and it made me think about how deep your pain is and how much you will always miss him. Oh how I wish things had turned out differently.

I hope you and Sheila have a great time recerecing.

Becky said...


avaelyn said...

:'( *hugs*