Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 14

39 Day song challenge
A song That Nobody would expect You to Love:

O.K.....This is getting difficult. How in the world would I know what you are thinking? How about you say a bunch of songs that you think I would hate and I will tell you if you are wrong and I really love it. Come on people. Help me out here. If nobody helps there just won't be a song for this day. What a travesty that would be. Knock me down and call me Susan, it will be all your fault. LOL...I have been dying to say that. That ad is driving me nuts and add to this making me want to say "knock me down and call me Susan" all day long I really want some wings.


Becky said...

Mmmmmm. Wings.

I totally started to try and find some songs that I think you wouldn't like, but I got distracted on YouTube and now Glen's here with Harry Potter so... See ya!

Melanie said...

I'm all for wings too - and weirdly, just watched Harry Potter. Very strange.

You should do wing street wings at pizza hut on wednesdays. They're cheap. So cheap that you really may as well. Or so cheap that you SHOULD. Really. You're doing your wallet and your tastebuds a favor.

jen said...

"Knock me down and call me Susan"??
Where did that come from. Ha HAHa
I have never heard that before.

Sue said...

Ok that was not Jen it was me, Susan.

Christine said...

It is on the new boston Pizza ad but I have heard that saying before.

The Invisible Mo said...

hmmmm....can't think of one. Maybe one will come up on our trip.