Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day Six

30 Day song Challenge
A Song That Reminds You Of somewhere:
Rocky Mountain High
John Denver

During the time that this song came out I was no longer living in Colorado. I missed the beauty of what is known to the local inhabitants as God's country and I certainly missed the more moderate climate. While I never was a huge fan of John Denver...yawn... I thought he was boring and still do... yawn..this song did and does make me feel homesick. Yawn.....


Melanie said...

It's funny, but if I lived ANYWHERE in the States, it would be Colorado. It's amazing there. I love it.

Peter and I would roadtrip there a lot, and it's aptly names - God's Country.

The Invisible Mo said...

John Denver is one of those artists with a beautiful voice and even though most people tend to "not like" his music, I used to always hear them singing along with it if it is playing. Somehow it's contagious. Maybe because his songs are all so easy to learn. I played a lot of them while learning guitar. I never lived in Colorado, but my aunt did and we used to visit. It does have some beautiful areas.