Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day Nine

30 Day Song Challenge
A Song that You Can Dance To:
Putting On the Ritz



Pick which one that you prefer best and dance to it. Notice it says a song that you can dance to, not me, you! Hahahaha! I would like to see a video of this if you please. It would amuse me. Take your time and practice your moves. In my mind I can dance like this, it just does not look so good in front of the mirror. I bet you can do better.


avaelyn said...

Okay, the first one... creeps me out. A LOT. The second one, well, it's Gene Wilder, and I love Young Frankenstein, so awesome. And the Fred Astaire one is just magnificent.

HAHA ME DANCING. That's funny. So it might happen. No promises or guarantees or anything.

Becky said...

Holy frick I love Fred Astaire. Have I ever mentioned that?

Christine said...

I remember seeing Fred Astaire dance this when I was a little girl. It busted my brain. I never forgot and was always looking for it years before there was a thing called youtube. This clip makes me so happy.

The Invisible Mo said...

I love all three versions of this one. Love Fred Astaire the best, though. I was too tired to dance. But I danced in my head, if that counts.