Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day Four

30 Day Song Challenge
A Song That Makes You Sad:
Snow Patrol



Becky said...

Okay, so here's the question: Are you supposed to do it all in a row? Or can you space out the days? Because I don't think I'm up for a NaBloPoMo in songs. Actually, I know I'm not.

Avaelyn said...

Lovely, sad song.

Becky, I think you are supposed to do one a day. I started it on my Facebook. And then I missed a couple of days. So I am gonna do one post with... four songs or so? LOL

Christine said...

I think you can do it however you like. I am going away for the weekend so won't be doing them until I get home.

The Invisible Mo said...

Song was too slow for me at this time. (just had some weird stuff going on around here) I will take your word that it is sad. I might do this when I get back from my vacation. I like it that I don't have to worry if I miss a day. I can just do it whenever.